L. Papius Celsus AR Denarius, RARE, see notes, VF+/VF, 45 B.C.E.

Ancient Coins - L. Papius Celsus AR Denarius, RARE, see notes, VF+/VF, 45 B.C.E.
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Crawford 472/2, Sydenham 965, Papia 3, VF+/VF, obverse pin marks, 18.3mm, 3.72 grams, Circa. 45 B.C.E.

Obverse: Laureate head of Triumphus right; TRIVMPVS below� Reverse: She-wolf standing right placing stick in fire, eagle standing left, fanning flames with wings, W / L. PAPIVS in exergue, CELSVS. III. VIR above

The obverse may allude to the victory of Caesar over the Pompeians. The reverse depicts a scene of the legendary foundation of Lanuvium (Rome) by the Trojan Aeneas see below. A RARE (especially with head of Triumphus instead of Juno) and iconographic type!

(The reverse refers to a foundation legend of the city of Lanuvium, a parent city of Rome. According to legend, the hero Aeneas saw a fire burning in a nearby forest. As he drew closer, he saw the fire was being fed by a she-wolf, who was dropping sticks into the blaze, while an eagle standing nearby fanned it with his wings. A fox kept intruding, trying to snuff out the fire by blowing on it, but was driven off by the eagle and the wolf. The fox was interpreted as Carthage trying to snuff out Rome, while the eagle and she-wolf, of course, are symbols of the Roman army and people respectively.)
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