Hadrian RARE "Exercitvs Syriacvs" Sestertius, AF

Ancient Coins - Hadrian RARE "Exercitvs Syriacvs" Sestertius, AF
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RIC 936, 33mm, 21.51 grams. Minted 134-138 C.E. near or shortly after the conclusion of the Bar Kochba Revolt against Rome.

Hadrian did not mint any Judaea Capta coins. Some of his Victory coins have been conjectured to have a Judaea Capta connection but there is no proof of this.
This RARE type is the only Hadrian coin that can positively be identified with the soldiers who would have fought with Bar Kochba's rebels and were stationed in Judaea.
Pictured on the reverse is Hadrian addressing three of his soldiers who carry standards. In exergue "Syriacvs" refers to the soldiers stationed in the Syrian province and used in the Bar Kochba war.

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