Vetranio CONCORDIA MILITVM from Thessalonica

Ancient Coins - Vetranio CONCORDIA MILITVM from Thessalonica
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A.D. 350

24mm   6.0gm

D N VETRANIO P F AVG; pearl-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right.

CONCORDIA MILITVM; Vetranio standing facing, holding labarum inscribed with Chi-Rho in each hand, star above, A in left field, ∆ in right.

In ex. dot TS∆ dot

RIC VIII Thessalonica 135

sharp example with silvering
 RIC 135 is described as pearl diademed, while this one is laureate. So should there be a separate RIC number or is it misdescribed? I suspect that there is not a Vetranio example with a pearl diademed bust, only Constantius II examples
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