Gallienus NEPTVNO CONS AVG hippocamp from Rome

Ancient Coins - Gallienus NEPTVNO CONS AVG  hippocamp from Rome
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A.D. 268

22mm    3.3gm

GALLIENVS AVG; radiate head right.

NEPTVNO CONS AVG; hippocamp right.

In ex. N

RIC V Rome 245


In A.D. 267- 268, Gallienus issued a series of coins invoking the gods as his protector during the revolt of Postumus and Aureolus. However, the gods did not help Gallienus and he was murdered by his own troops near Milan. This series of coinage is sometimes referred to as Gallienus Zoo Coinage and the reverses include APOLLINI CONS AVG (Centaur, gryphon , winged horse) DIANAE CONS AVG (doe or antelope, stag, goat, boar) HERCVLI CONS AVG (lion, boar) IOVI CONS AVG (goat) LIBERO P CONS AVG (panther) MERCVRIO CONS AVG (hippocamp) NEPTVNO CONS AVG (hippocamp or capricorn) SOLI CONS AVG (winged horse, bull)

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