Yehud, Before 333 BC, Silver 1/2 Gerah. H 1059.

Ancient Coins - Yehud, Before 333 BC, Silver 1/2 Gerah. H 1059.
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Before 333 BC
Silver 1/2 Gerah (0.21 gm ; 7 mm)

Obv: Head of Persian King wearing kidaris (crown), facing right.
Rev: Falcon with wings spread, head right.

Hendin 1059 (429)

Recent research suggests that these Persian Period Yehud coins were issued in Jerusalem, and meant to be used to make up the total needed for payment of Temple tribute at that time. Rather than being fractions of Greek denominations (which does not work out mathematically), these are in fact one 'gerah' or 1/24 of a shekel, which in the late Iron Age/Early Persian period weighed 11.4 grams. 11.4 divided by 24 = 0.48 grams, the exact average weight of these coins. For more information see David Hendin's 5th Edition  of Guide to Biblical Coins.

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