Romanus IV Diogenes.1068-1071 AD. AE Follis. Scarce Type.

Ancient Coins -  Romanus IV "Diogenes".1068-1071 AD. AE Follis. Scarce Type.
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Romanus IV "Diogenes".1068-1071 AD.
Bronze Follis (27 mm ; 8.2 gm)� Scarce Type.
Mint of Constantinople.

Obv: Bust of Christ facing, dotted cross behind head, wearing pallium and colobium, and holding book of Gospels; in fields IX - XC� over NI� - KA .
Rev: Cross, with globus and two pellets on each extremity, and X at center; in the angles, C R P Δ.

Sear� SB 1866

ex. Eden Seminary Collection
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