NERO (54-68 AD). AR Denarius. Rome mint.

Ancient Coins - NERO (54-68 AD). AR Denarius. Rome mint.
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NERO (54-68 AD). AR Denarius. Rome mint.
Obv: NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS. Laureate head right.
Rev: IVPPITER CVSTOS. Jupiter seated left on throne,
holding thunderbolt and sceptre.
18mm, 3.17g. RIC² 64. Very Fine. Beautiful tone.

In either late 67 or early 68, Gaius Iulius Vindex, the Roman governor of Gallia Lugdunensis rebelled against Nero's tax policy. In order to gain support, he declared allegiance to Galba, the governor of Hispania Tarraconensis, as the new emperor. Vindex was defeated and killed in battle near Vesontio (modern Besancon) but support for Galba grew. On 9 June 68, deserted by the Praetorian Guard, Nero stabbed himself in the throat.

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