VALENTINIAN III, 425-455 AD. (AV Solidus 4.42g 21mm 6h) Rome Mint Struck 435 AD. EXTREMELY FINE (RIC R-5, EXTREMELY RARE)

Ancient Coins - VALENTINIAN III, 425-455 AD.  (AV Solidus 4.42g 21mm 6h) Rome Mint  Struck 435 AD.  EXTREMELY FINE  (RIC R-5, EXTREMELY RARE)
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VALENTINIAN III425-455 AD.  (AV Solidus 4.42g 21mm 6h) Rome Mint  Struck 435 AD. 
OBV. D N PLA VALENTI NIANVS P F AVG Rosette-diademed bust facing left, wearing imperial robes, and holding a mappa and a cruciform sceptre, 
RV. VOT X MVLT XX, figure of emperor enthroned facing, holding a mappa and a cruciform sceptre, R-M in field, COMOB in exergue, 
RIC 2034 R-5    Depeyrot 42/1; C 41    Extremely fine and extremely rare.  
Ex. Rauch - Galerie Numismatique, New York, January 11, 2009  lot #196.
       Valentinian III was emperor in the West while his co-emperor was Theodosius II in the East. At no time during Valentinian's long & turbulent reign were the affairs of state personally managed by him, who in his minority ruled first under the control of his mother Galla Placidia, & from 437, the magister militum Flavius Aetius. His wife was one of the most beautiful women of the day, Licinia Eudoxia.  Due to numerous family ties, Valentinian III was the son, grandson, great-grandson, cousin, and nephew, twice over, of Roman Emperors.
  Paulus wrote his "opinions". Diocletian preserved the traditions of classical legal science in the"collections". Valentinian III, his law of citations in 426, which laid down rules for the employment of classical juristic writings in court. Then Theodosius II in 438, considered the code of imperial statutes from 312 which formed part of a general scheme of codifying legislation. Justinian I, 528-534, and his code/digest contains all known of Roman legal institutions. All summarized and simplified Roman law for the barbarian West.
     St. Augustine 354-430, died during the reign of Valentinian III. He was born in Tagaste in Africa and was raised in the Church (due to his mother's influence) but quickly fell into licentiousness & heresy. "My sins increase like a rolling snowball," he wrote in his Confessions. His mother, St. Monica, constantly prayed for his conversion. At the age of 33 he was baptized by the Bishop of Milan, St. Ambrose. He went to Africa & was elected Bishop of Hippo. There, Augustine devoted himself to a heroic regimen of preaching & writing in defense of the Faith. One of the most prolific writers ever to have lived, he is one of the greatest doctors of the Church.
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