JULIUS CAESAR as DICTATOR, 49-44 BC. (AV AUREUS 8.03g 20.8mm 7h) [NGC CHOICE VF 4/5-3/5]

Ancient Coins - JULIUS CAESAR as DICTATOR, 49-44 BC. (AV AUREUS 8.03g 20.8mm 7h) [NGC CHOICE VF 4/5-3/5]
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Rome Mint (Late 46 - Early 45 BC.) AV Aureus (21mm 8.03g 7h)
OBV. C CAES DIC TER, Winged & draped bust of Victory right. (DIC TER = Dictator Tertium)
RV. L PLANC PRAEF VRB, (VR in monogram/ligatured), sacrificial jug - Capis. "PRAEFECTVS VRBI"
Crawford 475/1b     CRI 60       Bahrfeldt 335 var. (legends)    Calicó 45a      Sydenham 1019b
RRC 475/1A         BMCRR 4118 C31
NGC - CHOICE VF 4/5 - 3/5 Rare/full legends. A well-struck, well-centered example on a broad flan. Minted six months before Caesar's assassination. 
      This coin was minted in Rome just prior to his murder & death on March 15th of 44 BC. Produced especially for Caesar's Spanish Triumph in October of 45. Victory on the obverse in some way showing his prowess & military success as being one of the greatest military commanders of his day & eventually of all time. And the sacrificial jug on the reverse representing his dedication to the gods and republic. L. Munatius Plancus aurei were circulated after Caesar's triumph in October 45 BC. in commemoration of the final defeat over the Pompeians at Munda in 44 BC. This triumph raised eyebrows in that it was the first time a triumph was celebrated for a victory over fellow Romans. This event along with other actions of Caesar probably lead to his assassination several months later.
       "The great pressure under which the mint was working at this time is evidenced by the extremely variable quality of the die-engraving & technical execution of this coinage, a highly unusual phenomenon for Roman gold." David Sear
      As the Romans themselves believed that guilty men never escape justice. They were pursued as Cicero said "but by the anguish & remorse & the torture of a bad conscience." Juvenal said, "The mind's its own best torturer, lays on with invisible whips, silently flays them alive."
      "Let us spare the Italians as being our kinfolk but slaughter their allies in order to strike terror in others." His instructions to them were fierce; When you attack the enemy's cavalry, aim your spears at their faces. They can endure body wounds or the goring of their horses, but they will turn and run if you threaten to rip open their mouths or gouge out their eyes." Julius Caesar
       "When the gods wish to take vengeance on humans for their crimes, they usually grant them, for a time, considerable success and quite a long period of immunity, so that when their fortunes are reversed they will feel it more bitterly." Julius Caesar
      "Torture us, rack us, condemn us, crush us. Your cruelty only proves our innocence. That is why God suffers us to suffer all this." Turtullian
"Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath, and a glass of wine." Ovid?
"The glorious and decent way of dying; is for one's country." "Dulce et decorum est pro pactio servitutis." Horace
    Munatius Plancus founded the colony of Lugdunum while he was the governor of Transalpine Gaul and was appointed by Caesar before Caesar was assassinated. 
 "What my dear Brutus, art thou also in the number of these murderers?" These were Julius Caesar' last words, after which he expired in the Senate House having received 23 wounds. 
Casca was the first to stab Caesar, followed by Cassius and the other conspirators, all his friends, and associates, and several whom he forgave for their odious actions toward him, and his policies. 
      Thus, as the historian remarks, "Julius Caesar had filled the world with the blood of others,
filled the Senate House with his own." Florus
Ancient Coins - JULIUS CAESAR as DICTATOR, 49-44 BC. (AV AUREUS 8.03g 20.8mm 7h) [NGC CHOICE VF 4/5-3/5]
Ancient Coins - JULIUS CAESAR as DICTATOR, 49-44 BC. (AV AUREUS 8.03g 20.8mm 7h) [NGC CHOICE VF 4/5-3/5]
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