William and Mary 1691 TERTIO Halfcrown NGC graded MS61

World Coins - William and Mary 1691 TERTIO Halfcrown NGC graded MS61
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William and Mary (1688-94), silver Halfcrown, 1691, conjoined laureate and draped busts right, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, GVLIELMVS. ET. MARIA. DEI. GRATIA, rev. crowned cruciform shields, Lion of Nassau at centre, date surrounding, WM monogram in angles, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, MAG. BR. FR. ET HI. REX. ET. edge inscribed in raised letters, .+.DECVS. ET. TVTAMEN. ANNO. REGNI. TERTIO.+. weight 14.90g (Bull 850; ESC 516; MCE 798; S.3436). Some light adjustment marks at centre on busts, some light toning, has been graded and slabbed by NGC as MS61, by far the finest graded.
NGC certification 5880623-005.
We note currently at NGC only 7 pieces of this date are graded and this coin is a full 7 grades higher than the next coin down the scale. Looking at PCGS they have only graded 4 pieces and the nearest is 6 grades below this piece.
The Latin legend translate as on the obverse "William and Mary, by the grace of God," and on the reverse "King and Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland" additionally on the edge "An ornament and a safeguard, in the third year of the reign".
Ex James Fox Collection, Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 94, 18th September 2013, lot 1967.
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