Victoria 1887 proof Shilling, Jubilee issue

World Coins - Victoria 1887 proof Shilling, Jubilee issue
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Victoria (1837-1901), silver Proof Shilling, 1887, crowned and veiled Jubilee type bust left, angled J type J.E.B. on truncation for engraver Joseph Edgar Boehm, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding both sides, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITT: REGINA F: D:, rev. crowned quartered shield of arms, within Garter motto HONI. SOIT. QUI MAL. Y. PENSE.. date either side of strap-end at bottom, weight 5.69g (Bull 3138; Davies 982 dies 1+C; ESC 1352; S.3926). Attractively toned, practically as struck.
The Latin legend translates as "Victoria by the grace of God, Queen of the Britons, Defender of the Faith." on the reverse.
Struck for the fiftieth anniversary, Golden Jubilee of the reign. 
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