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Scotland, William and Mary (1688-94), silver Forty Shillings, 1690 PRIMO, conjoined laureate and draped busts left, value 40 below, legend and toothed border surrounding, GVLIELMVS. ET. MARIA. DEI. GRATIA., rev. crowned quartered shield of arms, with an escutcheon of the Lion of Nassau, date in legend, MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. ET. REGINA. 1690., edge inscribed in raised letters of upright orientation to obverse, .PROTEGIT. ET. ORNAT. .ANNO. REGNI. PRIMO., weight 18.38g (Burns 2; S.5646). Toned about very fine for issue, scarce.
The Latin legends translate as on the obverse "William and Mary by the grace of God," and on the reverse as "King and Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland," lastly around the edge as "It protects and adorns, in the first year of our reign."
Ex MacDonald Collection, Baldwin of St James, Auction 29, 19th March 2019, lot 1431.
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