Scotland, Charles II 1677 Sixteenth-Dollar

World Coins - Scotland, Charles II 1677 Sixteenth-Dollar
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Scotland, Charles II (1649-85), silver Sixteenth Dollar, 1677, laureate and draped bust left, F before bust drapery presumably for Thomas Falconer, outer beaded circle with legend surrounding, CAROLVS. II. .DEI. GRA. rev. crown at centre of saltire cross, emblems of the Kingdom in each angle, date in legend, .SCO. ANG. FRA. ET.HIB. REX. 1677, edge plain, weight 1.65g (Burns 1, fig 1058; S.5624). Toned, good very fine.
The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Charles by the Grace of God," and on the reverse "King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland."
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