Richard II Hardi d'Or, Bordeaux Mint, without REX title, NGC graded MS63

World Coins - Richard II Hardi d'Or, Bordeaux Mint, without REX title, NGC graded MS63
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Anglo-Gallic, Richard II, as Duke of Aquitaine (1377-90), gold Hardi d'Or, Bordeaux Mint, variety without REX title, facing half-length standing figure of King, holding upward sword and pointing finger with his left hand upward, surrounded by treasure of eight full arches, legend and toothed border surrounding, +RICARD': D: GRA: AGLE: FRACIE: D': AQITAn, rev. quatrefoil at centre of long cross quernée, lion in first and fourth quarters, lis in second and third quarters, tressure of twelve arcs surrounding, legend and toothed border surrounding, +: AVXILIVm* mEVm* A* DOmInO* B*, weight 3.75g (cf.Schneider 71; Elias 223; AGC 270B dies 2/b, R2). Toned a little blundered in the striking of mainly the obverse which has some light raised die flaws, otherwise has been graded and slabbed by NGC as MS63, very rare without the Rex title as King and this highly preserved, currently the joint finest graded of the denomination for this King.
NGC certification 5880727-004.
The abbreviated Latin legends translates as on the obverse "Richard, by the Grace of God, of England and France, Duke of Aqvitanie" On the reverse as "My help cometh from the Lord."
Looking at all the dies recorded by Withers and Ford in "Anglo-Gallic Coins" across the three different varieties struck of this denomination (either lis or lion in first quarter and one variety of latter without the B mintmark), there were 13 obverse dies in use of which only 5 omitted the Kingly title REX.
The only Anglo-Gallic gold denominations for this reign are the Hardi D'Or and its smaller rarer demi fraction. None of the smaller Half D'Ors have an obverse die without REX.
Ex Michael Gietzelt Collection, Dix Noonan and Webb, Auction 166, 23rd January 2020, lot 152.
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