Richard II Groat, type III

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Richard II (1377-99), silver Groat of Fourpence, type III, facing crowned bust within double tressure of nine arcs, fleur on each cusp, beaded circles and legend surrounding, saltire stops with serif letters, +RICARD'x DIxx GRAxx REXx AnGLxZz FRAnC, retrograde Z, rev. long cross pattee, tri-pellets in each inner angle, beaded circles and double concentric legends surrounding, CIVI TAS LON DON, +POSVI DEVmxx A DIVTOR Emxx mEV, weight 3.72g (N.1321a; S.1680). Has been clipped, with a decent portrait considering, light tone, good fine.
The Latin abbreviated legend translates as "Richard, by the grace of God, King of England and France" and on the reverse "I have made God our helper," a Psalm from the Bible. 
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