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Henry VIII (1509-47), gold Crown of the Double Rose, third coinage (1544-47), Bristol Mint, initial mark WS ligatured on reverse only, for Master William Sharrington, large crowned rose, crowned h to left, crowned R to right, beaded circle surrounding, Lombardic lettering, trefoil at start of legend, + hEnRIC.9 VIII * ROSA SInE SPInA*x, rev. crowned quartered shield of arms, crowned h to left, crowned R to right, legend with slipped trefoil and saltire stops with two rosettes, :WS: D'G; AnGLIExx.*.xx FRA'. Z. hIB'. REX *, 3.17g (Schneider 640B; N.1836; S.2309). Toned, weakly struck in parts both sides, otherwise a bold very fine and rare.

The Latin legends translate as on the obverse " Henry the Eighth, a dazzling rose without a thorn" and on the reverse " By the Grace of God, King of England France and Ireland".
The Bristol Mint has its own distinct styles of lettering and legend stops when compared to the Tower Mint productions. The use of the VIII with Henry differs from the Tower Mint in the third coinage which usually have "8" and Giles Evenet the engraver employed at Bristol often uses rosettes in the make up of his legends upon such coins.
The Schneider Collection publications lists a similar coin as "640A" in volume III; however the collection already uses that number in the rear of volume II, so this coin should be 640B.

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