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Harold II (6th Jan-14th Oct 1066), silver Penny, London Mint, Moneyer Edwine, crowned bust left with sceptre, legend and beaded outer circle surrounding, legend commences at top, +HAROLD REX ANGL rev. PAX between beaded lines horizontal at centre, beaded circles and legend surrounding, legend commences at left +EDPINE ON LVNDEN, weight 1.14g (N.836; S.1186). Toned, just a little weakness in parts both sides, otherwise well defined, good face, toned a bold very fine and very desirable.
The reign of King Harold II was shorter than that of the modern British King Edward VIII who famously abdicated and produced no coins for British currency. The coinage of Harold II all have the same "Peace" type reverse and a head and neck bust on the obverse, which can sometimes face right or have the sceptre absent. As a type coin of the reign demand for King Harold remains strong, especially since 2016 marked the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, celebrated by the Royal Mint with the release of a Fifty Pence coin depicting Harold with the arrow in his eye as seen on the Bayeux Tapestry.

The legends translate as "Harold King of the English" on the obverse and "Edwine of London" on the reverse with "Peace" across the centre.

From an old collection with old Baldwin stock ticket in hand of Peter Mitchell circa 1960s priced at £10/10/- 
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