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Edward IV, second reign (1471-83), gold Angel, Tower Mint, London, St Michael killing dragon with lance, one foot on dragon, beaded circle surrounding, initial mark heraldic cinquefoil both sides (1480-83), saltire stops with abbreviated Latin legend both sides, EDWARDx DEI'x GRA'x REXx AnGL x'Z FRAnCxx, rev. ship sailing right, quartered shield upon hull, cross above, E to left, rose to right, PER CRVCEmx TVA'x SALVAx nOSx XPC'x REDEmPT, weight 5.06g (Schneider 467-8; N.1626; S.2091). Toned a nice golden yellow, a couple of nicks on obverse, otherwise good very fine with excellent detail on St Michael and cross on reverse.
The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Edward by the Grace of God, King of England and France" and on the reverse "By thy cross, save us, O Christ, our Redeemer" taken from the Bible.
In the period the cinquefoil mint mark was used on the gold coinage from 1480-83 only a relatively small amount of gold was issued compared to earlier in Edward IV's second reign. For the 42 month period from 14th September 1479 until April 1483 some 3,187 pound weight of gold was struck into gold Angels and Half-Angels which totalled a face value of £71,739.
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