Edward IV gold Angel, final issue concurrent with Edward V

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Edward IV, second reign (1471-83), gold Angel of six shillings and eight pence, final issue of reign, St Michael slaying dragon right, Latin legend and beaded border surrounding on both sides, initial mark halved sun and rose (1483) both sides, saltire stops, EDWARDxx DEIxx GRAxx REXxx AnGLxx Z FRAn' xx, rev. ship sailing right, quartered shield at centre, E and rose above with cross, PER CRVCE'. TVA. SALVA' nOS. XPC' REDEMPT', weight 5.14g (Schneider 469; N.1626; S.2144). Struck short of flan and therefore quite thick and of full prescribed weight, with good detail especially on St Michael, good very fine and extremely rare.
The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Edward by the Grace of God, King of England and France"; and on the reverse "By Thy cross, save us, O Christ, our Redeemer".
The final issue of gold in the reign of Edward IV carries the halved sun and rose mint mark and was indentured with the new Master, Bartholomew Reed on the 12th February 1483, then issued as such until the King's death in April. This three month issue was very small as an account survives showing just over a mere 141lb weight of gold being struck into gold Angels and their halves. Therefore rendering the few surviving coins extremely rare.
The mint mark continues into the very short reign of the 12 year old Edward V with only a change in the obverse legend signifying the issue with DEI spelt as DI and the reverse die shared between them. This mint mark even continues into the reign of Richard III from late June of 1483, with the first coin indenture issued with Robert Brackenbury on 20th July 1483.
Ex M W Peace, Sotheby, 18th June 1894, lot 105.
Ex Col. L P Dawnay, Sotheby, 1st March 1922, lot 50.
Ex Glendining, 18th November 1970, lot 159.
Ex Bonhams, 4th June 1998. Lot 256.
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