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Edward III (1327-77), gold Half-Noble of three shillings and four pence, Tower Mint London, so called "cursing" reverse legend with error, Transitional Treaty Period (1360-61) King standing in ship with upright sword and quartered shield, beaded circle surrounding, E Dxx DEIxx GRAxx REXxx AnGLxx DnSx hIBxZx ACQ, note abbreviated King's name, rev. large E at centre of ornamental cross with lis terminals, crowns over lions in angles, lis over head of upper right lion, all within a beaded and linear tressure, fleurs in spandrels, legend +DomInEx Inx FVROREx TVOx ARGVTSx mE, note ARGUTS for ARGVAS error and absence of NE after DOmInE, weight 3.81g (Schneider -/62; Doubleday 173-175; N.1223; S.1500). Toned, a little double struck on obverse, very fine and a very unusual variety with obverse legend spacing and the misspelling of ARGUAS on reverse with the cursing legend, obverse type not in Schneider, and die combination not in Doubleday, extremely rare.
The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Edward by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland "; and on the reverse "O Lord, rebuke me in thine anger" an error reading of the Psalm from the Bible.
This piece demonstrates the unusual obverse legend layout of ED for EDWARD, no example of which is in the Schneider Collection. The reverse differs from those listed in Doubleday of this obverse in that there are single saltire stops on the reverse rather than annulets and it has the spelling error ARGVTS. 
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