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Edward III (1327-1377), gold Quarter-Noble of one shilling and eight pence, Calais Mint, fourth coinage, Treaty period (1361-69), cross in circle above quartered shield of arms in tressure of eight arcs, trefoils on cusps, Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding, +EDWARDxx DEIxx GRAxx REXxx AnGL', curule style X both sides, rev. annulet in central compartment of ornate cross with lis terminals, lion over trefoil in each angle, all within beaded and linear tressure of eight arcs, Latin legend and beaded border surrounding, initial mark cross pattée, +EXALTABITVRxx Inxx GLORIA, weight 1.67g (Schneider 99; N.1245; S.1513). Struck off-centre on obverse and a little short of flan, otherwise lightly toned, a bold very fine.
The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Edward by the Grace of God, King of England," and on the reverse "He shall be exalted in glory," a Psalm from the Bible.

Ex Michael Gietzelt Collection, Dix Noonan and Webb, Auction 166, 23rd January 2020, lot 4.
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