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Commonwealth (1649-60), gold Half-Unite or Double Crown of Ten Shillings, 1650, English shield within laurel and palm branch, legends in English language, initial mark sun, .THE. COMMONWEALTH. OF. ENGLAND., rev. English and Irish shields, value .X. above, beaded circle and legend surrounding, date at top, .GOD. WITH. VS., weight 4.53g (Schneider 349; N.2717; S.3210). Tiny dig to left of obverse shield, otherwise well centred, toned, good very fine.
This is the mid-denomination gold coin of the Commonwealth, with all hammered coins of this period being the first British coins to have legends in plain English. It is interesting that at the start of the Commonwealth a new indenture had to be drawn up as Sir Robert Harley the master-worker refused to be involved with this coinage. A pyx trial was held at Harley's expense and a new indenture drawn up with Dr Aaron Guerdain MD which also allowed for fine gold denominations from the Sovereign down, as well as the 22 carat crown gold like we see with the Unites, Double Crowns and Crowns like we have offered herewith. It is thought that fine gold denominations were never struck!
Purchased from a Mr Sugden, 14th September 1940.
Ex Glenister Collection part II, Spink Auction 223, 26th March 2014, lot 1619
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