Charles I Exeter Mint Crown, undated

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Charles I (1625-49), silver Crown, Exeter Mint (1643-46), undated, armoured King on horseback left, crowned holding upright sword, with sash tied in bow at back, Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding, initial mark rose, :CAROLVS: D: G: MAG: BRI: FRA: ET: HI: REX, rev. oval quartered shield of arms with scroll garniture, initial mark rose, .CHRISTO. AVSPICE. REGNO. weight 27.93g (Brooker Truro 1012; N.2533; S.3055). Dark tone, quite well struck and centred for this issue with a better Kingly portrait than the Brooker coin, a pleasing very fine for the issue, rare thus.
The abbreviated obverse legend translates as "Charles, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland." and on the reverse "I reign under the auspice of Christ." 
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