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Australia, Victoria (1837-1901), gold Sovereign, Sydney Branch Mint, 1870, struck in gold alloyed with 8.33% copper, second young head left with wreath of banksia in hair, date below, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, VICTORIA D: G: BRITANNIAR: REG: F: D: rev. AUSTRALIA across centre, crown above within tied laurel wreath, SYDNEY MINT above, ONE SOVEREIGN below (Bentley 653; Marsh 375; KM 4; Fr.10). With attractive red hue of tone from copper alloy, has been graded and slabbed by PCGS as AU55.
PCGS certification 113183.55/19403497.
Calendar year mintage=1,220,000.
The second young head type Sydney Mint Sovereign was designed and engraved by Leonard Charles Wyon. The abbreviated Latin legend translates as on the obverse "Victoria, by the grace of God, Queen of all the Britons, Defender of the Faith."
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