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Anne (1702-14), silver Crown, 1707, Edinburgh Mint, E below draped bust left, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, ANNA. DEI. GRATIA. rev. crowned cruciform shields, garter star at centre, date either side of top crown, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, .MAG: BRI: FR: ET. HIB: REG: edge inscribed in raised letters, *DECVS* ET* TVTAMEN** ANNO* REGNI* SEXTO* (Bull 1352; ESC 103; EMC 567; S.3600). Attractively toned, a few light surface marks and light striations, otherwise almost extremely fine, rare this nice.
The Latin legends translate as "Anne by the grace of God" on obverse, and on the reverse "Queen of Great Britian, France and Ireland." The old claim to the French Kingdom dating back to the time of the Wars of the Roses, when King Henry VI had regnal jurisdiction over a portion of France, and a number of Mints including Paris. Subsequently the last French possession of Calais had been physically lost in the time of Mary Tudor on January 7th 1557/8.
Ex Mark Rasmussen, list 21, number 168.
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