Anglo-Gallic, Edward III gold Ecu d'Or a la Chaise, graded MS61

World Coins - Anglo-Gallic, Edward III gold Ecu d'Or a la Chaise, graded MS61
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Edward III, as King of France and England (1327-60), gold Ecu d'Or a la Chaise, issued from 1344, seated figure of King on Gothic throne facing holding sword, within tressure of nine arcs with trefoils in spandrels, trefoils on cusps, beaded circle and legends surrounding, pellet and quatrefoil stops, +EDWARDVS: DEI*GRA* AGL': FRAnCIE: REX, rev. pierced quatrefoil at centre of cross with pierced quatrefoil terminals, each terminal with three pierced stalked trefoils, within beaded and line quatrefoil tressure, with leaf trefoils on cusps, pierced trefoils in spandrels, beaded circle and legends surrounding, +XP*C: VInCIT: XPC: REGNAT: XPC: IMPERAT, weight 4.43g (Schneider 3; Beresford-Jones 13/17; Elias 33; Friedberg 2; Duplessy 236; AGC 38A dies 2/a; S.8035). Toned, quite double struck on obverse and a little off-centre, has been slabbed and graded by NGC as MS61.
NGC Certification 4884453-015.
In March 1344 King Edward III wrote a letter to the Seneschal and the Constable giving information about the first gold coinage in England and suggested that the production of gold coins for the Duchy might be advantageous. Gold Ecus d'Or were then produced up until about 1352 though the only surviving report of the coinage is one from the Constable Walter de Weston for period 31st March to 15th September of 1348.

The Latin legends translate as on obverse "Edward, by the Grace of God, King of France and England" and on reverse "Christ reigns, Christ conquers, Christ commands". 
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