15-Rupees, 1918.

World Coins - 15-Rupees, 1918.
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India, British India, uniform series, George V (1911-1936), gold 15-Rupees, 1918, 7.98g (Pr. 25; SW 8.1). A superb, frosty, mint-state coin with minimal bag-marking, in an NGC holder graded MS63 but worthy of a higher grade in our opinion.
NGC 3925701-044

In 1917 permission was granted for a gold Sovereign to be struck in India, dated 1918 with mint mark I, at the rate of 15-Rupees. It was produced at a branch of the Royal Mint which was established for the purpose in Bombay. In 1918 the gold 15-Rupees was authorized with the same size, weight and fineness as the sovereign, and was struck by the Bombay Mint itself - by contrast the vast majority of British Indian gold coinage was struck at Calcutta. The gold 15-Rupees ceased to be legal tender in 1927 and although the mintage figures are higher for the 15-Rupees than for the 1918I Sovereign, the gold 15-Rupees remains the scarcer coin by far for collectors today.
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