Theodosius II. 402-450 AD. Constantinople. AV Tremissis

Ancient Coins - Theodosius II. 402-450 AD. Constantinople. AV Tremissis
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Theodosius II. 402-450 AD. Constantinople. AV Tremissis, 1.49g (15mm, 6h). D N THEODO-SIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory walking right, head left, holding wreath in right hand, globus cruciger in left, star in right field; CONOB.

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Theodosius II was ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire, whose capital was situated in Constantinople. Despite being in an all-powerful role for nearly half a century, he surprisingly ruled very little. Theodosius was mild mannered and an intellectual who cared very little for leading. He left most of the ruling to others, whether they were family or close advisors.

Although Theodosius did have little interest in ruling, he was responsible for a few major contributions during his lifetime. The first was erecting a security wall around the city of Constantinople in 413 AD, although this is attributed more to Anthemius, his advisor, than to the emperor himself. Another notable act was the formation of the University of Constantinople in 425 AD which perfectly complemented his love of education. Lastly, he was instrumental in the supervision of the Theodosian Code, named for himself, which wrote out the laws set forth by Constantine the Great in 312 AD.

Theodosius died in a hunting accident in 450 AD. His daughter Licinia Eudoxia was married to the Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III.

References: RIC X 213; DOCLR 319ff; Depeyrot 70/1

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