Julian II. Lugdunum. 360-363 AD. AR Siliqua. From the Brian Henry Grover Collection

Ancient Coins - Julian II. Lugdunum. 360-363 AD. AR Siliqua. From the Brian Henry Grover Collection
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Julian II. Lugdunum. 360-363 AD. AR Siliqua, 1.91g (18mm, 7h). FL CL IVLIANVS P P AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / VOTIS V MVLTIS X in four lines within wreath with jewel at apex; LVC in exergue.

Pedigree: From the Brian Henry Grover Collection

References: RIC 218. RSC 163†a

Grade: Beautiful rainbow iridescence. EF

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Julian II was also known as Julian “the Apostate”. The reason for this is due to Julian’s determination to divert the Roman world away from Christianity and become more Hellenized. In addition to his being a soldier, Julian was known as a philosopher and Greek author.

Julian was a member of the Constantinian Dynasty and while he was orphaned early on in life, he still came under the protection of the ruler and his family. He was made Caesar over the western provinces in 355 AD under Constantius II. Trouble arose however when he was victorious in battle against the Alamanni and Franks (both Germanic tribes). So popular was Julian that his soldiers proclaimed him Augustus in 360 AD on the battle ground in Lutetia (modern day Paris). Constantius II was angered by this and was prompted to fight for his throne but in the interim he died and just prior did indeed make Julian his rightful successor.

After sustaining mortal wounds during a battle against the Sassanids he succumbed to death forcing his imprisoned soldiers to cede territory to the Persian forces.

Julian was the last non-Christian ruler of the Roman Empire.

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