IONIA, Smyrna. Zeuksis (Magistrate) AE 14mm. CAESTUS (Boxing Gloves)

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IONIA, Smyrna. Zeuksis (Magistrate) AE 14mm, c. 75-80 BC, 3.61g (14mm, 12h). Laureate head of Apollo r. / Hand in caestus (boxing glove), palm frond r.; [ΣΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ] to outer r., ΣEYΞIΣ to outer l..

Pedigree: From the Italo Vecchi Collection. Ex Roma Numismatics Ltd., Auction IV, 30 September 2012, lot 1686

References: BMC 51; SNG Copenhagen 1219

Grade: Attractive dark green patina, with very little wear. Reverse partially o/c, right legend partially off flan. EF+

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Symbolism on ancient coins is abundant. It often gives a glimpse into important and sometimes common items from that time. One often sees gods/goddesses and animals on a myriad of coinage. This coin suggests a sport; boxing, that was routinely practiced by the ancients. A caestus (or cestus in English) was a battle glove worn in Greek and particularly so in Roman times, at gladiatorial events. It had leather straps that protected the upper and lower arm. Some were even fitted with spikes to impart likely physical harm, sometimes leading to death. Most fighters to wear cestus were slaves or people of a low level of citizenship. Their live expectancy was very limited.

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