Geta. 197-209 AD (Caesar). Rome, c. 200-202 AD. AR Denarius

Ancient Coins - Geta. 197-209 AD (Caesar). Rome, c. 200-202 AD. AR Denarius
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Geta. 197-209 AD (Caesar). Rome, c. 200-202 AD. AR Denarius, 3.29g (17mm, 6h). P SEPT GETA - CAES PONT Draped bust right / PR - INC IVVENT Geta holding spear and twig turned to left.

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Geta was the unfortunate younger brother of the emperor Caracalla. Part of the Severan Dynasty, Geta was the son of the African born emperor Septimius Severus. Septimius Severus and his wife Julia Domna had hoped that the brothers would rule together harmoniously, however, the brothers were infamous for their hatred for each other. Perhaps the hatred was more magnified with Caracalla. After having his brother murdered (shockingly in the arms of his mother by centurions) he attempted to wipe all connection of Geta to the outside world through “damnatio memoriae” as approved by the Senate. One can see this clearly on coins where he is literally rubbed out on the flan. Caracalla continued to rule as emperor until his death in 217 AD.

References: RIC 15b; Cohen 159; BMC 229

Grade: Slightly rough surfaces, particularly on the reverse but otherwise very nice strike and well centered. EF


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