Constantine II, as Caesar. Lugdunum, c. 321 AD. AE Nummus. Rare Type

Ancient Coins - Constantine II, as Caesar. Lugdunum, c. 321 AD. AE Nummus. Rare Type
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Constantine II, as Caesar. Lugdunum, c. 321 AD. AE Nummus, 2.36g (19mm, 12h). D N CONSTANTINO IVN N C, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / VIRTVS EXERCIT, standard inscribed with VOT XX in two lines, two captives to either side at base, C-R across fields; PLC in exergue.

References: RIC 123

Grade: Good Very Fine; flan crack at 12h. Extremely Rare; no other examples on CoinArchives.

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Constantine II had the potential for real greatness but his desire for sole control of the empire cut his reign and life short. He was the old son of Constantine I, the Great and Fausta, although technically the second son of Constantine I, as Crispus, born to Minervina, was first born. Constantine II was appointed Caesar by his father at the age of 1. At the tender age of 7 he reportedly took part in his first campaign against the Sarmatians. Constantine II was only ten years old. when his half-brother Crispus was executed by their father on suspicion of some malfeasance with his stepmother Fausta. Shortly thereafter, he was made general of Gaul. His military career continued to grow and upon the death of his father he and his male siblings (two other surviving brothers) divided up the empire. This was short lived. The siblings soon were warring amongst and Constantine was unhappy about the portion of the empire he received. He felt that the oldest born son should get the lionshare. Eventually Constantine was killed in an ambush outside Aquilea presumably assembled by his brother Constans who no longer wanted to be dominated by his brother.

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