Vespasian AE24 of Cotiaeum in Phrygia Portrait Left & Zeus, Raising Arm Scarce

Ancient Coins - Vespasian AE24 of Cotiaeum in Phrygia "Portrait Left & Zeus, Raising Arm" Scarce
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Vespasian Phrygia, Cotiaeum Mint 69-79 AD Magistrate Ti. Klaudi Papylos Obverse: KOTIAEI? OYE??A?IANON KAI?A (anti-clockwise from right), laureate head left Reverse: E?I TI K?A ?A?Y?OY, Zeus(?) standing left, raising arm References: RPC 1408 var (bust left) Scarce Size: 24mm, 5.89g Professional Numismatic Notes: A scarce variety in attractive VF grade
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