Vabalathus Antoninianus IVENVS AVG Hercules, Star Right Antioch RIC 4 Var Rare

Ancient Coins - Vabalathus Antoninianus "IVENVS AVG Hercules, Star Right" Antioch RIC 4 Var Rare
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Vabalathus Billon Antoninianus. Antioch Mint 272 AD. Obverse: IM C VHABALATHVS AVG Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Vabalathus right. Reverse: IVENVS AVG Hercules standing right, holding club and apples, lion skin draped over extended arm, star in upper right field. References: RIC 4 var (Star in right field instead of left), BN 1265 Rare. Size: 20mm, 2.76g. Numismatic Notes: A bit rough but incredibly rare! RIC does not list this variant with the star in the right field instead of left, though it is a known variant. Coins of Vabalathus as sole emperor are incredibly rare!
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