Titus AE As VICTORIA NAVALIS Naval Victories Rome 72 AD RIC 454 Near VF

Ancient Coins - Titus AE As "VICTORIA NAVALIS Naval Victories" Rome 72 AD RIC 454 Near VF
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Titus AE As. Rome Mint 72 AD. Obverse: T CAES VESPASIAN IMP P TR P COS II Laureate head right. Reverse: VICTORIA NAVALIS S C Victory on prow right, holding wreath and palm frond. References: RIC 454. Size: 26mm, 10.11g. Numismatic Notes: About VF! Theories about as to what specific event the reverse legends are referring to, but some say it could refer to the Naval battles fought in the Sea of Galilee and would thus be part of the Judea Capta series!
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