Seleucid Kingdom Seleukos III Soter (Keraunos) AE15 Artemis, Apollo Seated gVF

Ancient Coins - Seleucid Kingdom Seleukos III Soter (Keraunos) AE15 "Artemis, Apollo Seated" gVF
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Seleukos III Soter (Keraunos). Antioch Mint 225/4-222 BC. Obverse: Draped bust of Artemis right, quiver at shoulder. Reverse: Apollo Delphios seated left on omphalos, testing arrow, resting hand on bow; to left, CE above Lambda. References: Cf. SC 922.1; HGC 9, 421. Size: 15mm, 3.69g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF! Dark-brown patina.
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