Salonina Silvered Antoninianus IVNO AVG Juno Seated, MS Milan RIC 62 Scarce

Ancient Coins - Salonina Silvered Antoninianus "IVNO AVG Juno Seated, MS" Milan RIC 62 Scarce
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Salonina Silvered Antoninianus Mediolanum (Milan) Mint 260-268 AD Obverse: SALONINA AVG Bust of Salonina, diademed, draped, right, on crescent Reverse: IVNO AVG Juno, draped, seated left, holding flower in right hand and infant in left hand; MS in exergue References: RIC 62 Scarce Size: 20mm, 2.65g Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF with a pleasing brown patina with silvery undertones; scarce this nice
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