Phoenicia, Byblos (Byblus) AE20 Tyche & Six-Winged Kronos Very Rare Near EF

Ancient Coins - Phoenicia, Byblos (Byblus) AE20 "Tyche & Six-Winged Kronos" Very Rare Near EF
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Phoenicia, Byblos. Circa 1st Century BC. Obverse: Turreted, veiled, and draped bust of Tyche right; palm frond over shoulder. Reverse: Six-winged Kronos-El standing left, holding was-scepter; traces of date above. References: Cf. BMC 12 and 16–7; HGC 10, 141 Very Rare. Size: 20mm, 6.18g. Numismatic Notes: A very rare type in nearly EF grade! An incredible specimen!
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