Octavian (Augustus) AR Denarius Actian Arch, arcus Octaniani RIC 267 nVF

Ancient Coins - Octavian (Augustus) AR Denarius "Actian Arch, arcus Octaniani" RIC 267 nVF
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Octavian (Augustus) AR Denarius. Italian (Rome?) Mint 30-29 BC. Obverse: Bare head right. Reverse: Octavian’s Actian arch (arcus Octaviani), showing a single span surmounted by Octavian in facing triumphal quadriga; IMP CAESAR on the architrave. References: RIC 267, RSC 123 (Augustus). Size: 22mm, 3.63g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Near VF with a stunning old-collection tone! The Actian arch was constructed in the Roman forum, having a statue of Octavian in a quadriga atop it, just as this coin depicts!
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