Numerian Silvered Antoninianus VIRTVS AVGG Two Emperors Antioch RIC 466 EF

Ancient Coins - Numerian Silvered Antoninianus "VIRTVS AVGG Two Emperors" Antioch RIC 466 EF
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Numerian Silvered Antoninianus Antioch Mint 284 AD Obverse: IMP C M AVR NVMERIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right Reverse: VIRTVS AVGG, Carus standing right, holding scepter and presenting globe to Numerian standing left, holding scepter, star above; S between; XXI in exergue References: RIC 466 Size: 21mm, 4.42g Professional Numismatic Notes: EF and incredibly well-struck! Mostly silvered with some toning. A very choice portrait of this scarce emperor
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