Maximus AR Denarius PRICINIPI IVVENTVTIS Baton & Standards Rome 235-236 AD VF

Ancient Coins - Maximus AR Denarius "PRICINIPI IVVENTVTIS Baton & Standards" Rome 235-236 AD VF
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Maximus AR Denarius. Rome Mint 235-236 AD. Obverse: MAXIMVS CAES GERM, bare-headed and draped bust right, from behind. Reverse: PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Maximus, in military dress, baton in right, spear in left, two standards behind. References: RIC IV 3, RSC III 10. Size: 21mm, 3.30g. Professional Numismatic Notes: About VF and well-struck! A lovely tone that's even more pleasing in person!
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