Maximinus II Daia AE Follis Jupiter, Large Wreath Beside Siscia RIC 227b VF

Ancient Coins - Maximinus II Daia AE Follis "Jupiter, Large Wreath Beside" Siscia RIC 227b VF
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Maximinus II Daia AE Follis Siscia Mint 312 AD Obverse: IMP MAXIMINVS P F AVG Head of Maximinus Daia, laureate, right Reverse: IOVI CO-NS-ERVATORI Jupiter, chlamys hanging from left shoulder, standing front, head left, holding thunderbolt in right hand and leaning on sceptre with left hand; large wreath in left field; Delta right: SIS in exergue References: RIC 227b Size: 25mm, 4.89g Professional Numismatic Notes: VF and scarce
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