Magnentius GLORIA ROMANORVM Horseback, Spearing Enemy Trier RIC 271 EF

Ancient Coins - Magnentius "GLORIA ROMANORVM Horseback, Spearing Enemy" Trier RIC 271 EF
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Magnentius AE2 Trier Mint 350-353 AD Obverse: D N MAGNEN-TIVS P F AVG Bust of Magnentius, bareheaded, draped, cuirassed, right; A behind bust Reverse: GLORIA ROMANORVM Magnentius, draped, cuirassed, galloping right, spearing kneeling barbarian with outstretched arms with right hand and carrying shield on left arm; below horse, broken spear; TRP(Crescent) in exergue References: RIC 271 Size: 22mm, 4.99g Professional Numismatic Notes: EF and beautiful! An EF, only a tiny bit more attractive sol for 850 CHF (That's $850 at the time) on May 14 2022 at the Leu Numismatic auction 11!
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