Licinius I Silvered Follis IOVI CONSERVATORI Jupiter, Eagle Siscia RIC 17 aEF

Ancient Coins - Licinius I Silvered Follis "IOVI CONSERVATORI Jupiter, Eagle" Siscia RIC 17 aEF
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Licinius I Silvered Follis. Siscia Mint 315-316 AD. Obverse: IMP LIC LICINIVS P F AVG, laureate head right. Reverse: IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter standing left holding Victory on globe in right and scepter in left, eagle with wreath in beak at feet left, delta right, (dot)SIS(dot) in exergue. References: RIC 17. Size: 21mm, 3.36g. Professional Numismatic Notes: About EF with great style! Splendid patina and silvering!
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