Lesbos, Mytilene Electrum Hekte Horned Apollo & Eagle Choice EF Gold & Silver

Ancient Coins - Lesbos, Mytilene Electrum Hekte "Horned Apollo & Eagle" Choice EF Gold & Silver
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Lesbos, Mytilene EL Hekte. Circa 377-326 BC. Obverse: Head of Apollo Karneios right, with horn of Ammon. Reverse: Eagle standing right, head reverted, within linear square in incuse square. SNG Cop: 316; BMC 110; SNG von Aulock 1727; Boston MFA 1738. Size: 11mm, 2.54g. Numismatic Notes: Choice EF in a stunning state of preservation! Well struck from fresh dies of fine style with obviously good gold content!
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