Islands off Caria, Rhodes (Rhodos) AE11 Helios & Rose With Bud gVF

Ancient Coins - Islands off Caria, Rhodes (Rhodos) AE11 "Helios & Rose With Bud" gVF
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Islands off Caria, Rhodes (Rhodos). Circa Early 2nd century BC. Obverse: Radiate head of Helios right Reverse: R-O Rose with bud. References: Ashton 332; SNG Keckman 607-16; HGC 6, 1481. Size: 11mm, 1.10g. Numismatic Notes: Good VF and well-struck for the type! The patina is very slightly rough, but it's much smoother in hand and more attractive (remember this is a small coin, and the image you see if a vast enlargement; it's equivalent to looking at it under magnification and thus all surface irregularities are much more conspicuous).
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