Geta AR Denarius Asklepios in Temple, Two Serpents Unpublished Extremely Rare

Ancient Coins - Geta AR Denarius "Asklepios in Temple, Two Serpents" Unpublished Extremely Rare
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Geta AR Denarius. Rome Mint 203-210 AD. Obverse: P SEPTIMIVS - GETA CAES Bare headed, draped bust of Geta right. Reverse: PONTIFEX – COS Asklepios (Asculepios) in temple left, holding serpent entwined staff, two serpents flanking at his feet. References: cf. RIC 129a (As and Dupondius only, no denarius); C.-; Seaby -. Unpublished, Extremely Rare. Size: 19mm, 3.72g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Unpublished in any reference work. This interesting reverse scene is published in bronze denominations (As and Dupondius, both also quite rare). One other example of this denarius was sold in 2000 and no other specimens have turned up since then.
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