Gallienus Billon Antoninianus FIDES MILITVM FIdes, H Right Field RIC Unlisted

Ancient Coins - Gallienus Billon Antoninianus "FIDES MILITVM FIdes, H Right Field" RIC Unlisted
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Gallienus Billon Antoninianus Rome Mint 260-268 AD Obverse: GALLIENVS AVG Head of Gallienus, radiate, right Reverse: FIDES MILITVM Fides, draped, standing left, holding ensign in right hand and sceptre in left hand References: RIC 192a var (H field mark unlisted for Antoninianus; only listed for Quinarius Aureus and in the left field RIC 102) Very Rare Size: 20mm, 2.69g Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF; a rare type
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