Euboea (Euboia), Chalkis (Chalcis) AE16 Female Right & Eagle Trident Rare gVF

Ancient Coins - Euboea (Euboia), Chalkis (Chalcis) AE16 "Female Right & Eagle" Trident Rare gVF
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Euboea (Euboia), Chalkis (Chalcis). Circa 369-336 BC. Obverse: Head of female right (Hera?), hair rolled with net of beads. Reverse: X-AL Eagle flying right, holding serpent, trident in lower right field. References: BMC 83 Rare. Size: 16mm, 4.44g. Numismatic Notes: This type in bronze is quite rare! The drachms of this mint share a similar style, but are in far greater abundance than the bronze coins of this type! Excellent condition, as well!
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