Elagabalus AR Denarius Altar, Cypress RIC 53 Rare Hornless Last Issue nEF

Ancient Coins - Elagabalus AR Denarius "Altar, Cypress" RIC 53 Rare Hornless Last Issue nEF
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Elagabalus AR Denarius. Rome Mint 222 AD. Obverse: IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG Laureate and draped bust right. Reverse: P M TR P V COS IIII P P, Elagabalus standing facing, head left, holding cypress branch and sacrificing with patera over lighted altar to left; star to left. References: RIC 53, RSC 213 Rare Last Issue. Size: 19mm, 2.74g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Near EF and beautiful! This rare last-issue type features a hornless portrait! The horn depicted on much of the coinage of Elagabalus was a sign of divinity. It was added to the portraits sometime during Elagabalus' reign to reflect this. It is believed that this coin, minted in the very last year of Elagabalus' reign reflects the population of Rome's displeasure with Elagabalus' with a removal of the horn from his portrait.
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